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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  February 18, 2024 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> we are already working on a big show for tomorrow night at eight pm eastern. house speaker, nancy pelosi, will be here. i have so many things to ask her about as she returns from the munich security conference. including her special moment with -- following her husband's death, and her -- letter zelenskyy. once e. jean carroll was reference in a speech lawsuit, her attorney, weighs in on just how the former president could go before they bring him back to oregon. for now, stay right where you are, because as much more news coming up on msnbc. on msnbc. >> coming up, msnbc's joy reid joins me in a bit to talk about all the legal fines and fees donald trump now needs to pay, plus, her new best selling
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book. plus, charlotte maine first interview about the race for president, and he does not hold back. a very good day to all of you from the new center here in los angeles, welcome to alex witt reports. we begin with the breaking news from birdsville minnesota. this is a deadly shooting. two police officers had a first responder were killed when a domestic call turned violent. joining me now, nbc's george soliz. okay, george, what are you learning about this? >> yeah, alex, information solely trickled and right now. as best we can tell, there are two scenes. one at the scene, and where the shooting occurred. one at the hospital. it seems to be growing. this could be the site of where a press conference will be taking place with city officials. what we're seen is an outpouring of support for the law enforcement community there in minnesota. we're also seeing some reaction by some officials, governor tweeting out on ex's news piece sane horrific news from birdsville while responding to
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a call. the family in danger, two police officers, and one firefighter lost their lives. other officers were injured. you must never take for granted the bravery and sacrifice is our police officers and first responders make every day. nbc news is working to clarify right now about the firefighter, or this was -- so ambiguity with that information. we're also seeing some other reactions from senator amy -- sane, learn from police this morning the three officers had been shot and burnsville. they were doing their jobs, protecting our community. john and i are praying for them in their families in the burnsville pd this morning. congressman jim nash also wayne and sane, my heart is heavy for the families of these officers, the community of burnsville, and our country. this headline is not unique. onto the minnesota police chief himself also saying please keep burnsville police department in your prayers this morning. from our affiliate, we've seen some pretty dramatic images. what appears to be a swatch vehicle, alex, got some bullet holes with the glass.
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this gives an indication of vitamin a powerful weapon that was used during, again, as the governor described it, a call of the family in danger. so two police officers, one first responder, dead. we can tell at this hour some other information trickling in as well. this is a developing story. we are making multiple calls to verify more information, as this information is slow to trickle and at this point. it seems to be a very active scene. we are expecting an update from officials a little bit later in this afternoon. alex. >> okay. it is a terrible story but i thank you for keeping an eye on us for us, george soliz. we'll check it again. in the meantime, more breaking for you. some new fallout and growing outrage. this following the death of russian opposition figure, alexei navalny. new video shows mourners been arrested in moscow, at least 400 have been detained. then in st. petersburg, as fast as officials review flowers lane tribute to navalny, mourners are adding new flowers to make at memorial law.
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also new, and strong reaction here at home today, with some level of bipartisan agreement that congress should act quickly to approve funding for ukraine's fight against russian leader, vladimir putin. >> so the idea that will walk away from ukraine, the idea that -- is totally against the interests of the united states of america. so it's about time that we make sure that congress pass the legislation. >> i do think there is an opportunity when we get back to washington to move the support not, move a package forward. it is so critical. you him move putin is a murderous thug. what he is doing, the atrocities in the war crimes in ukraine, they need to be responded to >> not one politician who is not commented publicly on navalny's death, gop presidential front runner, donald trump, taken to task for that today, vice challenger, nikki haley.
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>> the it's actually pretty amazing that he not only, after making those comments, that he would encourage putin to invade nato, but the fact that he won't acknowledge anything with navalny. either he sides with putin and thinks it's cool that putin killed one of his political opponents, or, he does not think it's that big of a deal. >> leigh well, trump on the campaign trail yesterday remained focused on his legal troubles and routine grievances. let >> this is merely an election interference ploy by a crazed lunatic attorney general. did you ever see this attorney general? he's a little tech. working closely with a very bad judge. yeah >>, we've heard all that before. in the meantime, we reporters and analysts in place covering all of these new developments for you. we're going to begin with nbc's vaughn hillyard, who's in michigan where trump campaign for the first time, in fact, since that massive ruling. and he didn't hold back. law you >> president trump this weekend
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taking his anger straight to the american electric. >> we are in this thing together. >> a new york judge ordered trump and his company to pay more than 300 and $50 million in damages for years a fraudulent business practices, and lying about the value of his properties. >> judging kora you bought me 300 and $50 million for doing everything right. >> in friday's decision, the judge is barring him from running his business in new york for three years. but it stops in pennsylvania. look >> i love this man. we need him. >> then michigan, on saturday -- >> that was a good shot. >> reporters are standing in freezing temperatures, rushing to defend the former president. >> shame. scam. >> i think it's a hoax, it's all made up. >> as trump is fighting back, he came to his own defense in the civil fraud case. he vowed to appeal, along with his other pending criminal trials. >> the judges and prosecutors that we're dealing with me are
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essentially all the same. >> the severe financial penalty handed down this week could have major ramifications on his finances. trump, on saturday, unveiling a new potential outlet for cash. his new trump branded sneaker line. >> that's the real deal. >> mr. trump's toppin at -- to promote the shoes, the most expensive pair selling for $399. meanwhile, nikki haley will now less than one week before her home state primary, still trying to convince her fellow south carolina voters to second guess their support of trump. >> you can't win an election if you are spending more time in court then you are on the campaign trail. you just can't do it. law >> that was vaughn hillyard reporting there. right now, let's bring in charles coleman, former brooklyn prosecutor, now civil rights attorney. nbc news and msnbc legal analyst, also host of the charles coleman podcast. he's joined by jonathan allen,
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nbc news senior politics reporter. welcome, good to have you both here. charles, as trump is launching this new sneaker line, the associated press has compiled a list of what trump owes and legal fines and fees. this, and judge -- says he owes 355 million dollar fine. 99 millions and counting on interest on that. $110,000 for violating a subpoena. a $15,000 for violating a gag order. then he owes e. jean carroll 83 point $3 million for defamation, plus 5 million for sexual abuse and defamation. trump owes $400,000 and legal fees after a failed lawsuit against the new york times. he is appealing a 938,000 dollar judgment after a failed lawsuit against hillary clinton. so he claims he has ten billion in assets, the new york times a.g. estimates his worth is at about two billion dollars. so here's the question.
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our sneaker sales going to help him raise $544 million for all these various court judgments? >> alex, as a self affirmed sneakerhead myself, i can tell you that if kanye west and michael jordan had a baby, they could still not sell enough sneakers to try to overcome the debt that donald trump has a mass and the situation. he has put himself in a situation where his liquid status is absolutely going to be depleted. he is likely going to have to liquidate some of his assets. we all know that donald trump values all of his toys. his toys been his properties in different jurisdictions. so what is likely going to happen as he is going to try to exhaust every means possible. number one, to stave off having to satisfy these judgments, but even in the course of an appeal, you still have to have some of this in esco sitting, so if you lose the appeal, you have to pay up immediately. he is not going to be able to avoid payments from that purpose, or in that vein, for
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very long. i also think it's important to understand that walton and trump is trying to run from the white house, he is not going to be able to run from -- so, this is eventually going to catch up to him. to answer your question, quite glibly, sneaker sales are not going to do it. look >> so, john, his lawyer, alina habba, is threatening revenge against the new york judge and prosecutor. take a listen to some of what she said on fox. yeah >> i think the biggest message i can give the american people tonight is that he's not going to get away with that. letitia james is not going to get away with it. the biden administration is not going to get away with that. they will not get away with it. we will come at them, we will come hard, and we will literally fight until the truth comes out. >> not so what form is this kind of revenge likely to take? >> yeah i mean, i guess we'll have to watch. obviously, part of it is
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attempting to publicly humiliate and intimidate these folks. let's rarely do you see a lawyer on television basically discarding the concept of the rule of law, basically discarding the idea that the court system works. so, yeah, i think what you're going to end up with, at least in the short term, is not a lot of vitriol towards the officers of the court, and the various courts where donald trump is facing civil suits and criminal charges. >> law speaking to various courts, charles, trump also went after fulton county fani willis following her fiery testimony in the evidentiary hearing that is seeking to disqualify her from the case. let's take a listen should trump's new line of defense. >> i paid him catch. i paid in cash. i didn't take anything, i paid him catch. oh, the way to get the cash? they're not allowed to answer that. >> nobody gives me anything. i am sure that the source of the money is always the work,
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sweat, and tears, of me. i don't need anybody to foot my bills. the only man who's ever foot my bills, completely, is my daddy. >> lesean he, seriously, attack her for cash transaction? what's he getting at? >> the for someone who is over 350 million dollar and judgment at, i think having a lot of cash on hand in your residents probably sounds like a good idea, or should, to donald trump at this point. that being said, what he is trying to suggest is that because the defendants in this case weren't able to illicit the source of the funds that fani willis testified she paid back to her coworker ands ex- boyfriend, mr. weighed, that somehow that is a nod to have been nefarious, or the sources in that sense came from the government, and therefore, she has created some level of conflict as she ultimately disqualify her.
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ultimately, we have to deal with the evidence, what the evidence showed. the evidence did not show that. the defense was not able to get that out through their own questioning, and what they were able to provide. therefore, donald trump's argument is moot. i have to say, for someone who has such an aversion to cash, they should think twice about that given how much he needs to satisfy the different -- he has on. >> yeah, i'm curious, jonathan. is public pressure the only avenue left for trump to get willis disqualified from this case? what happens to trump if she stays on? >> look i mean, i think public pressure is certainly one way. obviously, you know, there is this, you know, the effort to get rid of her. look i think it's kind of difficult for them to do that. the one thing that is going on here is you have this case in georgia that has absolutely nothing to do with a fair, this may be sidetracked by it. it may not have the public
10:14 am
faith it would have otherwise had. i think she will probably have to reflect a little on her own, but the she becomes too much of a destruction for that case to go forward effectively. >> let me ask you about this, john. trump is fighting with jack smith over his immunity appeal. trump wants the supreme court to intervene, smith says the public has a right to a speedy trial in trump's d.c. criminal trial. both sides have responded swiftly to chief justice, john roberts, last week. how soon does the trump camp expect the court to decide if they're going to take this up? >> look i think it'll be very quickly. there is, obviously, urgency to this matter. you have a question as to whether the former presidents you will return a presidential election, as he's ready for next presidential election. that is certainly not lost on donald trump, that's not lost on jack smith. the nine justices of the supreme court are pretty smart to. you know, i think we're going to see that within the next
10:15 am
couple of weeks here. >> let okay, but charles, trump has already lost the immunity argument twice. how much longer can he drag out the appeals process? >> look as long as the courts will let him. i think that he has put this in front of the supreme court as a attempt to delay as much as he can, even if he doesn't one. at this point, his attorneys have had to let him know, look, this is very much -- for this will actually take up this case, let alone rule in your favor. every time that it takes on the clock, the week a closer to the actual conventions this summer, where he gets the nomination, or the south carolina primary, with the 24th of this month, where he gets close to getting the primary, getting the actual nomination, he has a stronger leg and the election interference, as the nominee. so that is his strategy. it doesn't necessarily matter if it takes the day, if it takes week, it's all time he needs to try to get it where he wants to go. >> let me just get through quickly what trump did
10:16 am
yesterday, which israel about the mar-a-lago classified documents case. he was present in court for a closed-door hearing in that case a few days ago, but it seems that the hush money trial in new york is going to be the first criminal case to get started, that's scheduled for march 25th. the hush money case should take about six weeks. can trump do anything to prevent a verdict in that case before the election? >> you, know alex, he probably can't, but i think that in his mind, he is now hoping, or he's believing that he can beat this case. he probably doesn't want to. for him, this is a low risk, high reward case. if he loses the case, he is not going to get jail time. this is a felony where he as a person who has never been convicted before. he is very unlikely to get any jail time. if he, once he emerges as this triumphant person who is stronger because, they went after him, they couldn't get him. so for him, i think he believes that this is a case that he is a good opportunity to.
10:17 am
when he's looking forward to a verdict. more likely the, not because he believes he can be the case. if he doesn't, he feels like he can withstand the backlash and the loss. >> okay, charles coleman, jon allen, good to see you guys. thank you. new outrage in russia, and a new mystery following the death of alexei navalny. we're back in 60 seconds. alex. we're back in 60 seconds. ♪♪ no. ♪♪ -no. -nuh-uh. ♪♪ yeah. oh. yes. ♪♪ oh yeah. yes. isn't this great? yeeaahhhh!! ♪♪ yeah, i could do a cartwheel in here. oh hey! would you like to join us? no. we would love to join you. ♪♪
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>> we have some breaking news on a tragic story in minnesota. some live pictures outside of minneapolis hospital where officers are planning a procession for to fallen police officers and a fallen first responder. they were responding to a domestic call in the nearby city of burnsville when gunfire broke out. police are still on the scene investigating. we'll have much more details for you ahead in a live report. look at the crowds there. in the meantime, more breaking news. we have more than 400 people who have been detained in russia after the kremlin confirmed the death of opposition leader, alexei navalny.
10:19 am
according to a prominent rights group, the arrested taken place in several memorials across russia, where hundreds of mourners have been paying tribute to navalny and other victims of political repression. nbc's matt wagner is following this developing story from london. matt, welcome to you. are all of these people still detained? many haven't been released. >> thanks, alex. it's a great question, and it really lets us get into some of the dynamics at play here. first of, all we're still waiting exactly to see what happens with a lot of these people who are detains. i think one of the big obstacles that is a lack of transparency as to what is going on with the law enforcement in russia, not just right now, but historically. we've always had to lean on independent observers, ngos. that's where this 400 number actually comes from. one of the gold standards. the 400 may not sound like a huge number, kind have historically, looking at the end of all of the movement. it is really important to keep in mind the context of what's happening in russia. essentially, at this point,
10:20 am
especially following the death of only two days ago, things are getting darker by the day. when when you are making the decision to go out and lay flowers on a vigil, you really are gambling with your life and russia. you are facing serious charges if the authorities decide to come after you. in previous times, and i think, arguably, i'm talking about old rules of the game and russia, we've been seen authorities largely catch and release. the brown people up to break up events, most people, i'd say, we'll go home that night, the next day. there have always been instances of longer detentions leading into serious criminal prosecutions. we have to wait and see on that. also an interesting thing to wait and see on is what exactly is the impact on this in russia, are we going to see a protest movement involved these honor? i know that the presidential election in russia is just a few weeks away, the state is going to be poised to respond to any challenges there. another big question, of course, as the international response to this. it's very interesting that navalny's death came during the munich security conference.
10:21 am
this event where you essentially have the entire western security, many of the political players, all in one room. everyone is sitting together this weekend to digest this news. the talk about where to move forward from here, especially in the context of the war in ukraine. let's take a listen to what, for example, vice president harris had to say at the munich security conference this weekend. >> yes alexei navalny has been a brave leader who stood up against corruption and autocracy. he stood up for the truth. the reports of his death are further proof of putin's brutality. yeah thank, you alex. we're going to have to see what the rest of the international community response thus. it is clear that of all these nate is becoming a global movement in the wake of his death. alex. >> gotta say, it is concerning for those who are caught and released. they are now known to russian
10:22 am
authorities. careful there. thank you so much, matt. coming up next, the -- undercut the gop's job to impeach president biden. cut the gop's job to impeach president biden. [laughing] not cool man. every epic footlong deserves the perfect sidekick. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ every epic footlong ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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>> new reaction today after the house republicans impeachment investigation into president biden is taking a pretty serious hit. in fact, this is due to a key fbi informant who will be in court tuesday on charges of lying to the bureau, all
10:27 am
informants allegations, the informant allegations, at the heart of the gop's case. let's go to nbc -- 's joining us from capitol hill. let's get to the latest reaction from lawmakers, what are you hearing? >> alex, republicans thought they had it here, right? they thought they had this key nugget of information that would have tied president biden and hunter biden come to a story of a 5 million dollar bribe from the ukrainian energy official to a president and his son. they thought that was the central part of the investigation, this was something that would really seal the deal on the wrongdoing they say the president was involved with. turns out that, there was a lot of walking back and downplayed of the situation here. this morning, on meet the press, there was a new mike turner say that we don't need the fbi a form for that, we have documents from banks, we have documents from other forms, we have more than a dozen other people. jamie raskin, democrats, was on the committee, he's pulling a line from the movie frozen
10:28 am
saying let it go. >> i would hope that republicans would let it go, but that would suggest that they have some other program, or public agenda. it looks like they don't. if i were sharing the oversight committee, we would be having serious oversight hearings into the gun violence epidemic across the country, trying to figure out what can be done about that. again, they're in a situation where donald trump is calling, and what he wants is for them to try to dirty up joe biden. >> this investigation, where does it go from here? they seem to have no plans of wrapping up soon, they have interviews scheduled with the brother of hunter biden in the coming weeks. alex. >> can i say that i was bracing myself the for the congressman to break into let it go when you said that. glad he didn't. just saying, my friend. radio personnel opened up this
10:29 am
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democrats agree. you'll also get a free carry pod. conservative republican steve garvey is the wrong choice for the senate. ...our republican opponent here on this stage has voted for donald trump twice. mr. garvey, you voted for him twice... as your own man, what is your decision? garvey is wrong for california. but garvey's surging in the polls. fox news says garvey would be a boost to republican control of the senate. stop garvey. adam schiff for senate. i'm adam schiff, and i approve this message. >> new today, charlamagne tha god, echoing concerns about the biden harris ticket during an appearance. this morning, he explained why the president, why he thinks the president is having a hard time exciting voters. >> he's an uninspiring
10:34 am
candidate. there is nothing about joe biden that makes you want to listen to him. that's why he should be leaning on, you know, his vice president, kamala harris, who's way more charismatic than him. he had no main character energy. at all. >> joining me now is john calloway, democratic strategist and founder of the national voter protection action fund. republican strategist, susan del percio. floor more florida congressman, david jolly. our nbc political analyst. your my sunday family. let's go. what is your reaction to charlamagne's take, david? >> well, your other choice is donald trump, so you can complain all you want, but you can have donald trump or joe biden, and call it like you see it. that's it. >> okay. so, look, we all heard charlamagne praise vice president harris, but he also took a moment to point out where he thinks that she could improve. we've got, that let's play it. >> has she met your expectations? >> you've been tough on her.
10:35 am
>> no, she hasn't. but i don't think it's too late for her to pivot. she is the first woman of color in that position. there are things you could talk, about things she could say, that i think, i feel he can't. i think she could go out there and really let the american people, you know, know what's going on. >> so don, you've been a vocal supporter of the vice president. do you agree with charlamagne's assessment? >> yeah, we all know that kamala harris has got to be the star of this campaign, and frankly, if not the face of this campaign. i like charlamagne a lot, but i'm really concerned that he is being positioned as some type of anti democrats. you don't see him supporting, trump you see him with this consistent low drumbeats that is every week, biden, criticisms. what you don't see is him coming out and talking about the substantive legislative achievements. one could argue, as so many of my friends too well, that biden has been the most substantively achieving presidents since john f. kennedy.
10:36 am
in terms of civil rights, equality, in terms of bodily autonomy. economic stability. so many other things. you don't see charlamagne, who has such a powerful and important voice in this culture that he and i care about so much, we don't see him saying those things. you do see him consistently being trotted out, whether he's doing it himself, or with other people, he's consistently been elevated as an anti-democratic, anti biden voice. that makes me very concerned. while he's a brilliant prognosticator, he's not a political expert. he is not best position to talk to our people, particularly black men, in this moment when democracy is on the line. >> let me say, for the purposes of our discussion, don, we did pay the soundbite so it would illicit our discussion. in this interview, he also went after donald trump. talked about how scary he is. so, don, what do you say to that? i understand your been upset, or wanted to take issue, at, least with how he is categorizing things. he is doing the other side of the coin to.
10:37 am
the >> yeah, we know that. let the water is, what sky is blue. we have an advocate as powerful as charlamagne, his job is not to tell us that donald trump is bad, we know that. however, i suggest that the greater danger is for him to present a sort of apathy about joe biden, but the reality of the matter as, the choice, as davis, that is between biden or trump. it's between democracy anna -- >> so you have vice president harris who has been front and center on the world stage during this very critical time. she told the wall street journal that she is ready to serve, susan. we know that harris played a huge role in 2020. is this a strategy from the biden camp to up the presidents profile? linking these two together, putting her front and center to upper profile. on behalf of the president. no >> i don't think i would've said this a year ago, alex, but harris is the best chance for the biden ticket to be successful.
10:38 am
there is no doubt about it. she can go into the base right now to change some of those poll numbers, which are really settling in. you know, to charlamagne's comments, i would say it's pretty easy to make criticisms from the cheap seats. warren she rolling up your sleeves and been an advocate? right, now that's what the biden campaign needs. it needs its surrogates going out there, talking to the base, making people excited to come out. he's right. joe biden won't excite them. he needs strong people around him. that is why i think vice president brings to the table. she can go out to speak to young people, she can go out to speak to women. she can speak to any group. right now, i it's most critical that the biden campaign get their numbers up. and the way they do that is by getting their basics cited. >> what has changed for you, susan, the last year, regarding the vice president? >> honestly, i thought she would be more of a
10:39 am
vulnerability going into 2024 she certainly did not have. very good poll numbers. the differences, i'm surprised that the where the biden campaign numbers are. now i realize, there is a strong role for her to play. again, it's early. this is where she is needed most in the time she is needed most, to get people up and active in the campaign. not >> so in a new video, you posted to, axiomatic congresswoman is telling her constituents to be and committed instead of voting for biden and the primary. -- say this applies to the general election to? >> yes. you're talking to a voter that is not extraordinarily informed. there might be some confusion there. let's talk about how the reality of politics works in washington d.c.. i have a lot of friends and family and detroit, a caroline
10:40 am
about that proud law community. when jalen rose leadership academy, and when state and cast tech don't get the proper information from the democratic association, president, remember it's because your democratic congresswoman told them to not vote for the democratic president in the primary. she won't have the excuse that wall of the same primary not general. no, you don't slot the president in the face and then expect to be treated as a member of the caucus in good standing. rashida tlaib is not going to represent the squad, or palestine, while there's merit in those things, you are there to represent your hometown to scituate see it detroit. i will tell my friends and family in detroit, your congresswoman has failed you, and frankly, embarrassed to. there could potentially be ramifications. >> david, given dawn saying that there is a little concerned this could spill over, this advice and suggestion from to leave could spill over to the general election, how much put the opposition, and general, from within his own party, hurt president biden in the
10:41 am
campaign? >> he could defeat joe biden. it happens, i want to be an optimist, i don't like being a sour puss, if you want to see trump beat joe biden, and you have to leap and charlamagne questioning joe biden's leadership saying he is not fit for reelection, that's how you do it. democrats beating themselves. right now, democrats have been given a historic opportunity with an alliance of independents and disaffected republicans that showed up at the democratic coalition in 18, 20, and 22. you're telling me going into 2024 that a sitting democratic congresswoman, and a leading voice in the left are going to say, we don't know about our guy, maybe we shouldn't support him. that is a bunch of hot garbage, alex. if those voices don't fall in line, don't expect the coalition to be there in november that you need to defeat donald trump. >> yeah, okay, so let's take a positive look at things right now for the democrats, because they are celebrating the big one in new york after tom suozzi took back that house seats that was previously, briefly, occupied by george
10:42 am
santos. susan, in your new op-ed for, you said the special election has been hyped as a predictor of what may happen in swing districts in november. what do you think democrats have learned from it? look >> i think they learned first and foremost candidate selection. there was no primary to get tom suozzi, who represented the districts for six terms, and previously as a exact, that most of that district is in. i think that's important. they need to figure out a way to look at the immigration issue in swing districts, and to blunt it as soon as they can. to not fall off of their main message of reproductive rights. tom suozzi fought tooth and nail for the seat. he ran a great campaign. it was a good win, no doubt. the republicans ran, frankly, a poor campaign with a poor candidates. the outcome is just, i don't think we should be looking at a special election, which is
10:43 am
called special, because it happens in a way time of year and the turnout is odd, and low. we shouldn't look at that as a predictor, and the democrats need to keep on the message that helped them so much in 2022. the >> and the weather was terrible. huge snowstorm in new york, that might have blunted a bit of voter turnout. anyway, as always, thank you so much. love seeing you every single sunday. better be a date next sunday as well. thank you. what to make of that warning this past week about russian nuclear capabilities and space. n nuclear capabilities and space. long lasting sweat protection! ok, i lied. noooo! aaaah!
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>> new today, the republican leader of the house intelligence committee is responding to criticism that he caused a panic when -- about a major security threat earlier this week. nbc news later confirmed that the intelligence was related to russian developing a space based nuclear program to attack satellites. here is mike turner today. >> my concern is this is kind of like the chinese spy balloon, the administration is kind of hiding,, perhaps some inaction, but as this becomes more and more public, the administration is grappling with what we're dealing with, i think they are going to be taking it seriously. i think they will take action. that, obviously, is the goal. >> well, the biden administration said that there is no nuclear threat to americans, and no evidence yet that russia is moving forward on that. but, the new york times reports that it is enough of a concern the secretary of state blinken addressed it with his chinese
10:49 am
and indian counterparts in munich yesterday. joining me now, don't risk -- of california. he is a member of the household land security and oversight committees. welcome back to the broadcast. good to see you, congressman. should americans be worried, or did the intel chair blow this threat a bit out of proportion in terms of the timing? should this intelligence be declassified as mike turner suggesting? >> i think what's really important here is that we remain committed and focused on our global and national security threats. i think that the white house has been pretty clear, they will declassify information, get information out as necessary. they have a good handle on this entire incidents. i think the chairman was a little too quick, probably, to get in front of the media. i think the white house has handled this. well we'll get briefed on this continued issue. the important thing that i think the chairman and others need to understand as we have major national security threats across the globe.
10:50 am
the center, and vladimir putin, is, what he's doing in ukraine, is the major threats to democracy. this idea that we're in right now, we are not able to get funding for ukraine because so many republicans, and essentially have banked the need to putin, especially the speaker, is quite shameful. we have a democracy that needs or support. that needs our help. the fact that so many, especially on the right, have no interest in helping, i think that's really a sad moment for our country and the world. >> let's pick up on that. yesterday, a key city in ukraine fell to the russians. it is the first major defeat since may. that's nine months ago. it comes the day after russian opposition leader, alexei navalny, mysteriously disappeared in a prison. -- was harsh on congress, before leaving for two-week break, without approving more aid for ukraine. i know you support. why speaker johnson and house republicans continue to block
10:51 am
progress on this? >> i think this is all about donald trump. donald trump says, don't do something the and then don't do. it donald trump's zero interest in helping ukraine. he essentially's bodies and talks apache has respected putin. as you know, he really opposes any sort of additional support for ukraine. he ends up under the direction of the republican congress. you have folks like marjorie taylor greene and other extreme voices that all they do is blast ukraine and efforts. this is about democracy. it is crazy, it was just a matter of a few years. so many republicans and conservatives have actually turned their back on democracy, and supporting democracy across europe. i think that republicans don't understand the seriousness of this as a national security threat to the united states. a week in europe, a weekend democracy in europe, directly impacts us and our nato allies.
10:52 am
i think the republicans should be ashamed of themselves. we should be voting on ukraine aid and funding immediately. i'm hopeful that these efforts in the senate, and the conversations with the white house, will lead us to some kind of vote here in the future. >> let's that -- 95 billion foreign aid package includes aid to israel. earlier today, the israeli government unanimously approved a declaration brought by prime minister netanyahu formalizing its opposition to palestinian states. without agreement from both sides. all of that despite pressure from the u.s. to support a two- state solution. so here is the question. should there be conditions on aid to israel that requires them to agree to a postwar two- state solution as some in the senate are calling for? >> there are two things that are important here. first, netanyahu is completely wrong. to say that there should be no's two state solution, that the palestinian people don't deserve a free and fair states the, it's really hard to see.
10:53 am
i think we are all united. the president supports a clear two state solution. israeli lives have the same value, as we, know as palestinian lives. both deserve to live in free states. that is what we're focused on. where the focus should be. as it relates to foreign aid, i have personally always believe that any foreign aid that we have placed anywhere in the world should have values and conditions. i think that's very clear. i think the position of the united states and the white house is also very clear. that is a two-state solution. i trust the president biden of the state department is making that very clear to netanyahu. unfortunately, he has chosen to not listen, oftentimes, to too much of the world's. i think we're going to wait to see what happens over these next few weeks. we are urging him to accept and to work on a cease-fire agreements that so many folks, including our own government, are working on. we must get to a place where this war ends, and we put in place and lasting cease-fire
10:54 am
that includes the release of all of the hostages. that is what we should put our efforts on right now. >> so there is this new recording that is by the wall street journal. it has been confirmed by two u.s. officials to nbc news, that the biden administration is considering another arms delivery to israel, that does not require congressional approval. considering israel's looming invasion of rafah, where more than 1 million policies are seeking shelter, and the u.s. is pushing for a cease-fire deal, they will likely veto a u.n. vote, by the way, on tuesday, on a gaza cease-fire. is the administration stands on this conflict crystal clear? >> the i think the presidents, more, more is coming out and being very clear about his position. certainly the differences with netanyahu government. i think we should remember that the netanyahu government is a right-wing government. this is a government and a coalition that has been put together of many extreme voices. i think it's very important for the u.s. to have world clarity
10:55 am
in this moment. they're very clear that we, as a country, want an end to this war. we want an end to the casualties on the civilian side, it's horrific. while understanding thae has a right to defend itself against terrorism. i trust the president biden and the white house, right now, are doing what it takes. we know there's a lot of work happening behind the scenes. like i said before, and we have to be very, very careful. all of our efforts should be on a negotiated cease-fire agreements. the release of the hostages. that's an agreement that has been up and down over the last couple weeks. that's what we should be double in our efforts on. >> california congressman, regressive. good to see you, thank you so much. fear on campus. what happened inside a dorm room at the university of colorado. dorm room at the university of colorado. scrub, soak? nope. i just scrape, load... and i'm done. platinum plus is cascade's best clean ever. with double the dawn and double the scrubbers, it removes the toughest grease and food residue for an irresistible clean and shine. rewash?
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we have breaking news on a tragic story in minnesota. this is what we saw just moments ago outside a minneapolis hospital where officers and medical workers were saluting there to fallen police officers as well as a first responder. those people responding to a domestic call in a nearby city of burnsville when gunfire broke out. we'll have a lot more for you in the details in a live report straight ahead. that's right now go to today's other top stories, a woman from florida is missing right now in spain. friends and family of anna maria-ness of itch say that she has vanished after a man disabled security cameras with spray-paint at her apartment


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